« So, reader, i am myself the subject of my book. » Montaigne

Writing your biography

When you begin revisiting the past and looking at the road you have travelled, memories will suddenly come to mind.

Writing your biography is an interesting adventure and affords you an opportunity to reflect upon your life. When you begin revisiting the past and looking at the road you have travelled, memories will suddenly come to mind. You will discover how exciting it is to reconstruct what happened and relive the emotions. You will recognize how precious your life is and how it is an endless odyssey replete with memories, anecdotes and life lessons.

As you progress through your book you will realize that being a biographer is not a privilege reserved only to intellectuals, politicians or celebrities. To write one’s life is an act of generosity; it is to open yourself up to family and offer them something special. A biography is a human legacy of inestimable richness that bears witness to all that you are as a human being and to all the events that have shaped your life.

In an autobiographical narrative, there is a lot of “yourself” in the story. You share your life experience, choices, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and life lessons. You are the author of your book, so you have the choice to focus on your profession,  your family life, your business, a journey that has transformed your life, the people who have touched your life, or the courage you summoned to overcome setbacks.

You are the author of your story; you weave your own story with words laden with “significance.” Your biography will be written in impeccable english, using the tone that suits you. You can also insert a photo album or a copy of a letter or other document. Your book will be your creation.

« History was born the day that man has told his life to man. » Alfred de Vigny

The story of a lifetime

Your autobiographical book would be welcome in today’s society where we place great value on authenticity. What’s better than a “true” story?

Your life is a unique story and remains the best story ever, even if it has been punctuated with pitfalls. Your life memories are an invaluable resource that you can pass on.

To share your story is to exist! By relating your life experience in a book, you open the door to your intimate universe. Isnt it a pledge of authenticity to reveal yourself as you are? You will have to reveal some traits of your personality, including some small shortcomings or habits that make you what you are. The readers who have known you will recognize you well and those who have not will ­be able to benefit from your experience, your life choices, and your attitude towards life.

At school, we learned the history of the early settlers who built the forts, houses and castles and those who established schools, convents and hospitals. But what about the lineage of the men and women who shaped our own family history? We hardly know the true story of our grandparents and great-grandparents.




A young student told me recently: “I didnt know my grandfather, I know nothing about him, except what my father told me.” Given the absence of narrative and the silence of our parents and grandparents, often only bits of stories remain and the rest gets lost and eventually forgotten over time. 

Thanks to “your life story”, your biography will have the value of a history. It will be the imprint of your passage through this life. You will have created the beginning of a link with future generations.

Bequeath your story

The act of writing creates a bond and provides a bridge between yourself and others.

Everyone carries within themselves the desire to leave a trace, a footprint of their passage in this life. Writing your memoirs in a book about your own life,  is one way to do it. The act of writing creates a bond and provides a bridge between yourself and others.res.

Bequeathing your story and the episodes of your life is leaving a legacy of yourself to your children, grandchildren, your friends, and future generations who have not known you but who will remember you thanks to your book. In reading your story, your descendants will be grateful that you have written the genuine story into theirs. They will know better their origins better and understand where they come from.

The book of your life is an incredible gift for your family, friends and descendants. How can we forget our grandparents and ancestors if they leave their story, the story that weaves family history from generation to generation? Your biography will always have a place in the family library. When you bequeath your story, you become unforgettable and enrich the family heritage.

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