« I will go to your home for the interviews. This is a way to make you feel more comfortable being in your own environment and gives you the opportunity to choose a suitable room for us to work.. »

At our first meeting, we will get acquainted and assess our comfort with each other. This is very important as we will be working closely together for awhile. Subsequently, we will define an objective for the realization of your biography according to your availability for the interviews and the work to be done. We will schedule the dates to meet.

At the second meeting, I will deliver a draft of the first chapter for you to read and make changes or additions to. This process will continue throughout the progress of your biography. You can also choose photos or other documents that you want to have inserted into each chapter of your book. Your biography is written for the purpose of personal and limited use. You will be the author of your biography and the work will be self published with a limited number of copies.

For each meeting, I will put a recording device on the table for your testimonies. You will soon forget about it as our talks will be more like a conversation you have with a friend.


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