A word from Laurie

As a teenager, I spent my summers reading. Fascinated by so many wonderful stories I began to read about the authors’ lives. I realized how much the biographies of all these writers were as captivating as their works. I was inspired to pursue studies  literature.  After studying translation, I worked in the field of publishing, magazines, textbooks and scientific works.

We live in an era of communication in which the desire to express oneself, to open up to others, to create links, is very present. We have all the tools to efficiently communicate and to share messages. The only mistake we could make would be not do it.

As a member of the Association des compagnons biographes and with the greatest of pleasure, I will accompany and guide you in writing your memoirs so that you may create your very own book relating  « Your life story ».

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Laurie St.Clair, private biographer

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