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When you start revisiting the past to look at the distance you have traveled, the memories will suddenly come to your mind …

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To tell oneself is to exist! By writing your life experience, you open the door to your intimate universe

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Bequeathing your story, bequeathing the episode of your life, is leaving a memory of yourself to your children, grandchildren, friends and future generations.

Everyone carries within themselves the desire to leave a trace, a footprint of their passage in this life. Memories of a lifetime are priceless. Sharing your memories can enrich your family heritage for generations to come. Your descendants will thank you for having written an authentic story of their ancestry. To bequeath our story to our children and grandchildren is to leave a memory of ourself. In the autobiographical narrative, there is a great deal of “yourself.” You share your life experiences and even better, you pass on your thoughts, emotions, moods and life lessons. You are the author of your life story.

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